Quality Commitment

A product label plays a key role in the consumer’s purchase decision. Its quality and appearance will be associated with your brand and act as an indicator of the quality of the product itself.

Labelmakers’ commitment to creating quality labels and packaging solutions can be seen in all areas of our business. With experience across most markets we start by working with our customers to ensure we understand their specific requirements and gather all the relevant information before selecting the best solution.
Within the Labelmakers Group our certifications include:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • GS1

Our HACCP Certification covers our Somerton plant. This systematic approach to food safety identifies hazards in production processes and designs measurements to reduce these risks to a safe level.

Some of the quality initiatives include:

  • Scan & Verify system for cut & stack labels
  • Inline real-time wide web visions system to identify and electronically tag print defects
  • Barcode verification to ISO/IEC standards
  • Operations Feedback System that stores electronic records of the raw material batches used during manufacture for accurate traceability

We understand the need to continually invest in new technology to ensure that we stay ahead of the changing market expectations. Our technical and applications team work hard to ensure that the materials used exceed the demands of each unique application.

To know more about our quality-focussed initiatives, contact us today.