How should artwork be supplied?

All electronic artwork should be supplied to us on disk, via email or FTP as an Illustrator file accompanied by a PDF. Please note that a colour proof/hard copy should also be supplied with all artwork.

Is unique numbering possible?

Yes. Unique numbers can be surface printed or ‘inside’ printed on PS labels, shrink sleeves, roll-fed or cut & stack labels.

What information needs to be provided for new Shrink Sleeves?

A sample of the bottle or container being sleeved is critical. In addition to this we need to know what application equipment & heat tunnel is being used. Finally the exact position of the seam, estimated temperature of the product at application and if any moisture is present.

What adhesive should be used, Hot-melt or Acrylic?

Hot-melt adhesive is generally suited to applications with high levels of moisture and uneven surfaces such as HDPE & corrugated paper fibre. Acrylic adhesive is more suited to low friction, high speed applications such glass and PET. In all cases the bottle or container being labelled needs to be supplied along with the application & storage conditions.

Why does a clear label sometimes look cloudy in the bottle?

It is important to understand your application process. If moisture is present on the bottle at the point of application some adhesives mainly Hot Melt based products will turn ‘cloudy’. The right adhesive is critical for this type of ‘No Label Look’. Either you need to change label substrate or introduce blowers onto the line to remove the moisture.