Staying TRUE to the

Producing a sleeve keeping inline with the brief 'to showcase the purity of the water' was the challenge leave the non-image area clean & free, using crisp, sharp text.
Suntory’s Australian subsidiary, Frucor Suntory, is responding to a consumer shift away from carbonated soft drinks with the launch of a new range of fruit-infused water.
Called True Water and featuring packaging design by Denomination, the line will initially be available in two flavours – raspberry and lime – in Australia. Made using fruit extracts, the beverages contain no artificial sugar or sweeteners.

Design agency Denomination aimed to develop a crisp identity to communicate the brand’s image, while differentiating it from competitor water brands.

Inspired by the simple and fresh taste, clear glass and a clear shrink sleeve with minimal graphics were chosen “to showcase the purity of the water”.

Photographic images of real fruit were applied to the shrink sleeve at the neck of the bottles to give product clarity and look as though the fruit is floating in the water. The True Water logo was crafted to include a drop of water, which features a different colour dependant on the flavour.

Denomination opted for a Boston-shaped glass bottle to differentiate the brand from competitors. Responding to the target audience’s desire for sustainable brands, the bottle design encourages consumers to keep and refill, as well as recycle.
Frucor Suntory brand innovation manager Jay Tombleson said: “Denomination has delivered a brand identity for True Water that clearly communicates our ‘good for you’ proposition and premium product, encouraging consumers to trade up from their usual water brand.
“The packaging design cleverly evokes the purity and fresh taste of our locally sourced waters and sets us up perfectly with an architecture that will allow us to expand the range in the future.”

Penny Cheung, head of innovations at Frucor Suntory, said: “We were looking for a non-FMCG agency to disrupt the traditional water cues (blue and white snowy mountains) by bringing in some emotion and pleasure to what is a generally boring drinking experience. Denomination’s expertise in creating wine designs that are beautiful, simple and premium made them the perfect choice for us.”

Denomination CEO Rowena Curlewis added: “Pared back, simple designs can be the most challenging to execute beautifully but they’re often the most enjoyable to create. Every expression has to be crafted perfectly and there’s nowhere to hide. We believe the creation of the drop in the logotype gives True Water the level of desired distinctiveness and ownability without resorting to conventional FMCG cues.

“Coupled with the unique shrink sleeve design, the packaging communicates the quality of the water inside clearly, creating something that’s photo-ready for those Instagram moments.”
Article provided by FoodBev Media Ltd 2018