Thermal Labels & Ribbons

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Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Label Printing in Australia

These are commonly used as the carrier for the printing of variable information onto blank or generic labels. Typical applications include creating barcode labels, warehouse packing, batch identification, nutritional and price/weight information.

This form of printing includes two types:

  • Direct Thermal Labels: This type uses specially treated paper and film face stock that reacts directly with the heat generated by your printer’s print head to create an image.
    These are traditionally used for applications with a short shelf life which will not be exposed to heat or direct sunlight. Though it has a relatively short lifespan, it is useful in making barcode labels, compliance stickers, company tags and more.
  • Thermal Transfer Labels: This type uses untreated papers and films that rely on heat being transferred from the printer onto a thermal transfer ribbon and then onto the face stock to create the image.
    They are the preferred alternative for longer shelf life applications and where heat, cold or sunlight may be a concern. This makes it ideal for barcode labels on products that are meant for freezers/ cold storage, shipping labels and other product identification applications.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons are also available in different compositions – Wax, Wax/Resin and Full Resin, and a range of colours, widths and lengths. Your ribbon choice will be largely dependent on your application, make and model of the printer and label size.

With a facility dedicated to Variable Information Printing (VIP), we are experts in the manufacture of self-adhesive Thermal Labels and can supply these and thermal transfer ribbons to suit all the major printer brands including:

  • Datamax O’Neill
  • Zebra
  • Intermec
  • Bixolon
  • Toshiba TEC

The Labelmakers Advantage

  • Vertically integrated supply chain
  • Dedicated VIP facility
  • Australian owned and operated

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