Roll Fed Wrap

Roll-Fed WrapRoll-Fed WrapRoll-Fed WrapRoll-Fed WrapRoll-Fed WrapRoll-Fed WrapRoll-Fed WrapRoll-Fed WrapRoll-Fed Wrap

Roll-Fed Wrap Labels for High Speed Applications

A cost-effective full-wrap option for many different container types, Roll-Fed labels are designed as low cost solutions suitable for high speed application.

This form of high quality labelling does not require liner, backing or adhesive. Its varieties include:

  • Polywrap (Non-Shrink): mainly used for high speed beverage such as CSDs & water products.
  • Roll-Fed Shrink (ROSO): available in either low or high shrink materials used for aerosol and beverage cans.

With only three steps – printing, slitting and application – rather than the five steps in traditional shrink methods, Roll-Fed Shrink labels save valuable time and money. They are a flexible and impactful option for brand owners with high volume, low SKU applications.

The major advantages of roll-fed labels are that they are:

  • Flexible: They can be printed on paper or film material and applied to cylindrical, square or rectangular containers made of metal, plastic or glass. The film material can be laminated or varnished for gloss and protection.
  • Economical: Being in roll form they can be used on current roll-fed application equipment, reducing the need for expensive capital investment.
  • Effective: Roll-fed labels can be printed on clear film substrates, giving the brand owner the option to combine photo quality graphics with clear spaces for the consumer to see the product inside the container.

The Labelmakers Advantage

  • Print technologies such as UV or Solvent Flexo, Offset & Gravure
  • Covering short, medium & long runs
  • Reverse printing
  • Unique numbering

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