Durable In-Mould Labelling for Plastic Containers

A cost-effective label solution and an alternative to direct printing, in-mould (IML) labels provide a ‘no label’ look and feel.

They are ideal for any product that is packaged in a plastic container. They can be produced in either blow mould or injection processes where the pre-printed label is formed into the plastic container during the moulding stage.

The in-mould labelling format allows you to:

  • Produce vibrant, high quality graphics
  • Eliminate the need for secondary labelling
  • Create a durable solution that lasts the life of the product

With high quality substrates, inks and coatings, IML labels are formulated specifically to be suitable for indirect food packaging, where there is a functional barrier as part of the food package design.

This labelling process uses films that are lightweight and can be processed and reclaimed in most recycling streams.

The Labelmakers Advantage

  • State-of-the-art print technologies such as Offset and Flexo
  • Variable print run options covering short, medium and long
  • In-house digital proofs, Flexo screen and Offset printing plates
  • Reverse printing

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