Award Winning Packaging Solutions that Work

Labelmakers started back in 1987 printing self-adhesive labels. That fledgling company has come a long way since then and I’m proud to say I’ve been there every step of the way. With the support of a dedicated team we’ve built this company into Australasia’s largest and most innovative label supplier. Packaging has changed considerably over the last three decades and we’ve developed solutions that have responded to the changing needs of our customers. Self-adhesive labels are now just one of six core labelling products we offer. As an Australian-owned and operated company, we invest back into the company purchasing the latest equipment so we can deliver our customers high quality, low cost labels. And that investment extends to our people – our team is highly experienced, collaborative and responsive to your needs.
When Coca Cola approached us to produce personalised labels we found a way to do it and for that we were named the company’s 2012 Supplier of the Year. Looking ahead, we’re exploring opportunities to expand into other countries to meet the increasingly global market and looking at ways to further reduce our carbon footprint.Thank you for considering Labelmakers. We look forward to being your valued labelling partner.
Kind regards,
Kevin Bamford